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Your fridge is probably many used appliance inside home plus it may also be the greatest consumer of energy, too. Can there be a significant difference in temperature setting between propane and electric. Whenever these begin going bad they make a heck of a racket. Substitution air conditioning devices is had but you’re right it will not end well. We now have a dometic ice box It is working well on gas (getting. Condenser coils are key to your refrigerator’s cooling capabilities.

It’s just a matter of disassembly and cleaning and putting it back together. If it really works on electric, however gas there are numerous of things you can do that might cure the problem. When switched to propane, the freezer gets cold sufficient to create ice cubes, but he frig part does not get cold at all. Light computers through energy transformers, also cleaner.

It you do have solid power here, the only method to learn if the circuit boards are ok is always to go on it the RV to a dealer and also Refrigerator Repair have them test them. On my rig we by I bypassed the circuit board after doing the continuity test. We have a bit of ice develop in the straight back and anticipate defrosting today too.

The refrigerator can not work on the electric option (110) but does remain lit when working with propane, but doesn’t cool the fridge. We bet a good cleansing is exactly what it needs over such a thing. If the problem is something that just came up recently, We’d lean more toward an electric circuit board problem.

It will require some disassembling into the propane burner area. While on gas and electric, while listening carefully, I’m able to hear a sluggish churning noise every 15 to 30 moments in the unit. Many thanks, Curtis, for the time in responding to our questions. I’ll get ck, sitting outside coz it’s cooler, although used to do read that automobile light would be off if it switched… gonna ck now, thanks.

I am a Canadian traveling in U.S. and have always been searching for a location buying and install a new mini-fridge at a fair cost. Clarence Guidry, in the event that you verified you have 110 VAC during the fridge with a voltage tester then about whatever you can do is go on it to an RV dealer for them to test the circuit boards.

If there is a warning light on turn the refrigerator down until you have actually confirmed you have 12 volts and 110 volts and Propane readily available for the refrigerator. I have a 2003 Gulfstream rv with a dometic 2601 refrigerator. Sometimes it straight away visits gasoline when I transform it on. Also the fuel solonoid does not seem to be working any longer as gas gets towards the fridge but not to the burner.

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