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Welcome to Teacher4U, LLC

We are committed to helping students succeed in mathematics by offering a virtual math lab for individual and home school math students. We have created comprehensive, multimedia, video lessons using a step-by-step approach so students can understand each concept.

On our virtual algebra and geometry site, students can read about the company, find out what a math lesson actually covers (objectives), browse lessons by category, and download a video lesson.

With our virtual algebra and online geometry, we include a worksheet and answer key (the answer key shows all steps in the completion of each problem) for each lesson. Each lesson covers multiple levels of understanding so every student can learn. 

We understand that with the cost and lack of availability for private tutoring and local learning centers, there needs to be an alternative and affordable way for parents to help their students succeed in math. Our service is now free of charge.  We are dedicated to providing the best math lessons possible for our students.

Our target audience is parents, teachers,  and students who want  to succeed in math. Teacher4u, llc is for people who either do not have access to or cannot afford tutoring and learning centers. Also, home school students and anyone that wants quality math help for their students.

The thing that sets our lessons apart from other tutoring websites is that we not only show students how to do a particular problem. We teach concepts for understanding. We present our lessons with multiple examples, "Try These" problems, and a lesson worksheet with an answer key (with all of the steps needed to solve each problem - not just the answer).  We also provide a list of lesson objectives so you know the lesson you pick is the lesson you need.  Click for Lesson Objectives

We are continually updating and adding new lessons. Lessons are added and modified based on our strict quality assurance and your direct feed-back.

Welcome to our Virtual Math Lab

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